The Challenge of Being Your Own Boss (BWDisrupt)

Have you just started your own business? Congratulations! You’ve just signed up for being your own boss before anyone else’s. Your future is in your own hands, and you think you’re almost ready to lead your crew towards growth and, hopefully, prosperity and wealth! You get to set your working hours, you choose your coworkers and you are the controller of your brand. Though entrepreneurship definitely has its upside, it can also be a rude awakening for those who don’t have a realistic understanding of the challenges that come with being your own boss.

One huge misconception about being a successful entrepreneur and being your own boss is that it’s glitzy and glamorous. In fact, it’s rather the opposite. It’s extremely difficult, and at times discouraging. Self-employment isn’t for everybody, and the figures on failures of startups and businesses are astounding. But if you have the capability to overcome all the challenges self-employment throws at you, you might have a shot.

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