Pimco Japan’s Makoto Takano to invest Rs 30 crore in Indian startups (ET)

Pimco Japan’s former managing director Makoto Takano has committed to invest Rs 30 crore in the Indian startup ecosystem through Gurgaon-based Green House Ventures (GHV) Accelerator. GHV , founded by Vikram Upadhyaya in 2014, funds and mentors startups between the incubation and venture capital stages, and provides them resources as well as funding between $100,000 and $300,000.Takano, who had held senior roles also at Goldman Sachs and Daiwa Securities earlier, brings with him expertise in fundraising and ecosystem building from his stint in the investment management firm.

“I visited India in 2016 in order to understand the Indian market bet ter and the potential it has to offer. I believe, with the intellectual capital India has, along with the strong innovation empowerment ecosystem where GHV is playing a key role, India is poised to be one of the leading economies especially in the new innovation space,“ said Takano. Earlier, World Innovation Lab (WiL), a US-Japan venture capital firm, had committed to invest a similar amount in GHV Accelerator’s portfolio.

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