Indian Startups, It’s Time to Play the Game of Chess Instead of Snake & Ladders! (

Nobody said running a startup was easy. A startup’s life is marked by the thrill of the heady highs and rough lows. Of late, the Indian startup industry hit a bottleneck, with funds drying up, as investors have become more cautious about where to park their funds.

It has been a roller coaster ride like the game of snakes and ladders, with the thrill of the climb in the past of couple of years and the sudden rude slide down since the last few months. The dice is clearly not rolling in the favour of startups, with investor interest and valuations reflecting a clear lack of confidence in their capabilities. More than one startup is feeling the bite of competitors at their heels gobbling them up by way of mergers and acquisitions. They have been dumped in the troughs of low valuations and need a lot of luck to roll the dice in their favour and get back on track.

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